Cameroonian homosexual hate crime case dismissed


SEATTLE (AP) – A Seattle hate crime case involving a Cameroonian gay man has been closed and those charged say they were taken aback by the arrests.

Police said a man was attacked outside his apartment in November 2018 and his mother was assaulted in Cameroon after a guest at the man’s house posted intimate photos of him and her husband to members of the Cameroonian community, The Seattle Times reported.

Rodrigue Fodjo-Kamdem and Christian Djoko were arrested but denied assaulting him or participating in a smear campaign against the man who, like them, had come from Cameroon to the United States. Homosexuality is illegal in this Central African country.

The criminal case against the men and a third co-accused, Marie Fanyo-Patchou, 25, was transferred to the United States District Court in Seattle in 2019, where they were charged with conspiracy to engage in cyberstalking and cyberstalking interstate. These charges were dismissed last week.

“After a careful review of the evidence, including information obtained since the indictment was filed, prosecutors have decided not to prosecute the case,” said Emily Langlie, spokesperson for the US attorney’s office. in Seattle, in an email. .

Fodjo-Kamdem, who was friends with the alleged victim, and Djoko, who says he became a target after pushing back the man’s romantic overtures, believe they were involved so that the man, entered into the United States in 2014 on a student visa, can apply for asylum. because of the hostility against homosexuals in Cameroon.

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