Call by Muslim cleric to “Dharam Sansad” against hate speech receives support

Ittehad-e-Millat’s council founder Tauqeer Raza Khan’s call for a “Dharam Sansad” on Friday received support from All India Tanzeem ul Islam, who on Thursday called on community members to come together in large number. The demonstration was called to offer mass sacrifices to protest the hate speeches in Haridwar.

Raza Khan called on Muslims in Uttar Pradesh to gather in large numbers at the Islamia school in Bareilly on Friday for “mass sacrifices” to protest the recent hate speech in Haridwar.

The announcement was made on Saturday where he said: “The recent Dharam Sansad to which objections have been raised by our community was not the first but it has been happening for many months, but the current government was never ready to hear anything “.

“Our ulema held three meetings but we never called it Dharam Sansad, but the language used in Haridwar can never be used by our ulema and the ulema show the way to peace, patriotism and love to the people. disciples, ”he added.

The cleric said the hate-mongers wanted to kill 20 Muslim lakhs. “We decided we were ready for it. I urge the government to send its people to kill us and on Friday at least 20,000 Muslims will surrender. The best way is for Muslims to sacrifice their lives to ensure peace in the country. “

Khan gained the support of Tanzeem who recently advocated the union of India as it was in medieval times. Mujahid Hussain Qadri from Tanzeem said that people want to create discord between Hindus and Muslims but they will not succeed.

The hate speech was reportedly delivered at an event held in Haridwar from December 17 to 20. a Safayi Abhiyan.

The event was hosted by Yati Narasimhanand, a controversial religious leader who has been accused in the past of inciting violence.

Uttrakhand police have filed an FIR in the case against Jitendra Narayan Tyagi – the former chairman of the Shiite Waqf board, who recently converted to Hinduism.

In a similar incident, Chhattisgarh police arrested Kalicharan Maharaj for allegedly using derogatory language against Mahatma Gandhi of Khajuraho in Madhya Pradesh.

Police had registered an FIR and arrested the religious leader and others for allegedly making disparaging comments about Mahatma Gandhi and praising Nathuram Godse.

Congress criticizes the delay in action against the accused in Haridwar.


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