Bolton’s Facebook group administrator criticizes online hatred


The administrator of a popular Facebook group criticized the level of hate that is regularly posted there.

The Breightmet – What’s Happening Facebook group has over 8,000 members, more than double the number just a year ago.

This gives people the chance to share everything from a charity event to photos of fun things they see while traveling around the area.

But Chris Banks, one of the group’s directors, said arguments about the group often go too far.

He said, “Most of the time people get throats. Facebook is terrible and it can be the worst thing ever. If you met someone in person, you would be able to tell the difference, but you can’t on Facebook.

“People can argue without really knowing where the other person is going. I’ve had issues with people and fallen out with them, but you can fix it quickly if you see this person.

“I can have a bad day and then come back to the group and see a lot of horrible comments.

“People will tell others to kill themselves, to bomb themselves. People sometimes need to see the world outside of Facebook and not get carried away by all the hate and arguments that this can cause. ”

And Chris, who also does community work and projects with Bolton NEWT, said he hopes people get out of their homes and enjoy the great outdoors – reducing the number of small arguments they can participate in.

He added, “There are a lot of things people can do outside of Facebook. I am involved in a few groups around Bolton and we do a lot of different things.

“Creating waste, working at Garstang Hub, planting flowers in the city.

“Lots of people have fortunately made a habit of going out more because of Covid and I hope people try to do more.”

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