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Tara Murray

A new online campaign from the Brimbank council aims to target cyberbullying.

Brimbank’s board last week announced the campaign, BeKind Online, which aims to highlight issues related to cyberbullying and online trolling, as well as the importance of treating online people like you. would do it in person.

The campaign will include a video that will be shared on social media asking users to join the #bekindonline movement and denounce behaviors that do not contribute to meaningful and constructive debate.

The council report indicates that the importance of creating and promoting safe online spaces is particularly relevant in the context of a council strongly represented by women, with statistics showing that women experience significant levels of abuse by women. line.

At the board meeting, several advisers shared their experiences of cyberbullying, while others saw this behavior online.

Mayor Ranka Rasic said it was a simple campaign with a big message.

“Kindness matters,” she said. “We all have unique experiences and perspectives to share.

“BeKind Online is all about creating safe digital spaces where we can share our opinions without being intimidated or attacked.

“As the mayor of Brimbank, one of the eight councilors, I have unfortunately been bullied online, something some of my councilors have experienced and it’s far too common for women in general.”

Speaking to Star Weekly, Cr Rasic said she has been bullied online since raising her hand for the advice.

“I have been the victim of so much bullying, harassment and hate speech, especially on social media.

“I was laughed at for my accent, the way I speak and the way I pronounce certain words.

“The last time I checked, the Brimbank board is a diverse community and we are a melting pot of different nationalities.

“The sad fact that a lot of these negative comments and trolls are coming from other women, meanwhile we should be encouraging other women to get involved in community and local politics.

“Women like me and a few other counselors are going through this abuse and it’s horrible.

Cr Rasic said she knew when she ran for council there would be some nasty comments, but said some people took her to the extreme and needed to be called.

Deputy Mayor Jasmine Nguyen, who has been cyberbullied, said the comments can have horrific consequences.



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