Battlefield 2042 players hate ridiculous specialist skins

The upcoming specialist skins in Battlefield 2042 have not been well received by fans. But why do they hate them so much?

The last thing Battlefield 2042 needed right now was even more controversy. Unfortunately, the new update brought exactly that.

Battlefield fans have already been very critical of the new Specialist system in 2042 and it just got worse thanks to skins mistakenly added to the game at the start.

However, these are not just any ordinary skin. Battlefield fans are pretty mad at their ridiculous appearance!

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Battlefield 2042 Boris


Battlefield fans hate specialist Santa and Cowboy skins

While Battlefield 2042 update 3 brought huge changes, there were also unintended consequences.

Right now, many gamers are experiencing “persistence data” server issues preventing them from entering games while PC gamers have to figure out how to fix their mouse in Battlefield 2042.

Additionally, the update also accidentally added Santa and Cowboy skins in Battlefield 2042. This is what annoyed fans the most.

A skin called “Father Winter” dresses Boris as Santa Claus while the other called “The Great Outdoors” gives MacKay a flannel shirt and cowboy hat.

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Battlefield 2042 Santa Father Winter Specialist Skin Boris


Players on the battlefield 2042 subreddit Can’t believe DICE added these skins to the game and think they are totally out of place in a supposedly realistic military shooter.

Some have said that “the game has gone crazy” already. Meanwhile, others are even more critical, calling these skins a “clown show” or even utter disbelief as to their reality!

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Battlefield 2042 Great Outdoors Mackay Specialist Skin - Cowboy


It’s certainly an interesting design choice on DICE’s part, and unfortunately for the studio and fans alike, it’s not one that the Battlefield community likes at all.

These specialist skins are not yet available in-game, as DICE mistakenly put them in Battlefield 2042. We wonder if this fan reaction will change whether or not they come into the game, or if DICE continues to create. skins like this.

Battlefield 2042 player numbers hit an all-time high on Steam. Surely DICE can’t afford to make many more mistakes or the game could have even more problems!

Meanwhile, some of the game modes in Battlefield 2042 are currently struggling. Many fans believe that Battlefield 2042 Hazard Zone is “already dead”.

In addition, the number of players in the Battlefield portal is also dangerously low. This is a very worrying sign for the future of the game.

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