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A Tasmanian auction house has confirmed that it will no longer accept, display or auction publicly items associated with the Nazi swastika.

The decision by Tullochs Auction House in Launceston to remove the controversial memorabilia from its catalog follows an announcement by Attorney General Elise Archer that she would consider banning the public display of Nazi symbols in Tasmania.

Ms Archer’s comments followed a decision by the Victorian government to make Nazi symbols illegal and strengthen anti-defamation protections.

In a statement, a spokesperson for Tullochs Auction House said that while they would continue to offer historic military props, they would no longer deal with items displaying the Nazi swastika that could be used for public speeches demonstrations. hatred.

The spokesperson said the auction house made the decision after responding to community comments on the matter.

“We do not wish to help divide or hurt the community on behalf of the commission of a few hundred dollars and recognize the effect that the display of such items can have on many groups persecuted in the past by the Nazi regime as well. like those who are the target of the hatred of the current co-opters of Nazi symbolism ”, they declared

“Tullochs is a place of acceptance, but we don’t tolerate hatred.”

They said that while the government’s decision on the matter is pending, the auction house has decided to formally clarify its position before any legislative changes go into effect.

This story The auction house to remove Nazi paraphernalia first appeared on The Examiner.


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