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From Rutgers University. Researchers have found anti-Hindu memes like this on extremist websites

Researchers from Rutgers University have found a sharp increase in hate speech directed at the Hindu community.

The report titled Anti-Hindu disinformation: A case study in Hinduphobia on Social Media describes how white supremacists and genocidal 4chan pepe memes are being spread on extremist Islamic websites.

The report determined that the right hopes to “fuel division as part of an influence campaign to accuse Hindus of perpetrating genocide against minorities in India,” reports The Print.

“I wouldn’t say I was surprised, given that there’s been a massive increase in all forms of ethnic hatred, whether it’s anti-Semitism, Islamophobia or anti-Asian hatred. “, principal researcher and senior graduate, Prasiddha Sudhakar, told KQED. .

Rutgers University found this anti-Hindu meme on white supremacist websites

The researchers found a huge spike in anti-Hindu speech from the fall of 2021. They found it on both extremist sites and mainstream sites such as Twitter, TikTok, and Telegram.

“Parag Agrawal has been named CEO of Twitter,” Sudhakar said, quoting the November promotion. “Immediately, there was anti-Hindu misinformation on social media, where there were spikes in some ethnic slurs being used against him in particular.”

Researchers have uncovered the use of Hinduphobic code words and memes that are catching mainstream platforms off guard.

“What is new is the social media context in which hate messages are shared. Our previous work has shown a correlation between the intensity of hate messages on social media and the eruption of acts of violence in the real world,” said John J. Farmer Jr., director of the Miller Center and the Eagleton Institute of Politics at Rutgers. University–New Brunswick.

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