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Anjem Choudary seen being escorted out of prison in 2018

Anjem Choudary, 54, accused of inspiring numerous terrorist killings, offered his chilling assessment in a 3,500-word document titled Sincere Advice to Taliban Leaders. The radical Islamist faction took control of Afghanistan last week, shocking the world with the speed of its advance.

Last night, seven people were killed in the chaos around Kabul airport as thousands gathered in an attempt to flee the country, underscoring the concern many view the takeover with.

Choudary, who spent five years in prison for his support of ISIS before being released in 2018, was subject to an order prohibiting him from speaking in public – but it was lifted the month latest.

Expressing his views via the encrypted social media network Telegram, Choudary called on the Taliban militias to point their guns at the “occupation forces” and anyone standing in the way of the “implementation of Allah’s rule.”

Hate preacher Anjem Choudary urged Taliban to be more intransigent (Image: GETTY)

Omar Bakri Mohammed

Omar Bakri Muhammad and Anjem Choudary co-founded Al-Muhajiroun (Image: GETTY)

He also urged them to close Afghan embassies abroad and to expel the United Nations from Kabul.

All non-Muslims living in the country should be hit with what he called an “infidel tax”.

In addition, all non-Sharia-related courts should be abolished and only Sharia-related sentences should be imposed.

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Turkish soldier Afghanistan

Turkish soldier treats baby as people wait to be evacuated at Hamid Karzai Airport (Image: GETTY)

Choudary said: “The penal code or Hudood is the right of Allah to cut off the hand of the thief, to stone adultery, to impose the death penalty on the apostate and to whip those who drink alcohol ( all after legal proceedings and regular evidence) must be applied. without question or hesitation.

He also lectured the Taliban about the importance of applying such brutal measures, suggesting that his ability to implement Sharia law would prove whether or not it was “truly Islamic.”

He added, “Muslims around the world need to assess whether this nascent state is actually enforcing Islamic law or whether it is just another country choosing Islam to be part of its name by which it wants everything to be. the world calls him. “

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Afghanistan Kabul

US soldier fires his pistol in the air as he stands guard behind barbed wire (Image: GETTY)

Terrorism Afghanistan

Countries most affected by terrorism – including Afghanistan (Image: Express)

In addition, Choudary ordered the Taliban to change the name of Afghanistan to Islamic State.

He added: “There should be the removal of all borders and an invitation to all Muslims to become citizens of the new Islamic State with the aim of uniting the Muslim land of the Indian subcontinent to begin with, to be the forerunner. of greater unity under the Caliphate of Khilafah.

Choudary was questioned by the Mail on Sunday whether he would travel to Afghanistan – but said he couldn’t due to being on a UN terrorism watch list and was therefore banned. travel.

Afghan refugees United Kingdom

Afghan refugees on their way to the UK (Image: Express)

However, he added: “As a Muslim, we believe in Islam and Sharia, so it is a natural thing to live there. Why do the Jews gravitate towards Israel?

In 2019, American scholar Michael Kenney said on his conversations with former members of Al-Muhajiroun, the banned terrorist organization founded and led by Choudary and Omar Bakri Muhammad.

He added: “I think we have to recognize that part of this phenomenon is ideology.

US President Joe Biden

US President Joe Biden (Image: GETTY)

“It’s really hard to defeat a set of ideas – you can’t just cut off the head of an ideology, you can’t behead it.

“Throughout the history of ISIS, they have proven to be incredibly resilient. “

Foresightedly, he warned, “Veteran activists are being released from prison and I expect that in the next few years you will find yourself in a situation where people will start to reconnect with the old activism. contacted the Home Office to ask if Choudary’s latest remarks would be investigated.


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