Angela Rayner denounces Conservative government for creating ‘hate campaign’ against trans people



Earlier in the conference, which was held in Brighton from September 25-29, Rayner spoke at a separate event where she called the government “homophobic, racist [and] misogynist ”.

“I’m sick of yelling on the sidelines, and I bet you are too,” she said, according to the Daily Mirror.

“We can’t be worse than a bunch of scum, homophobic, racist, misogynist, absolutely despicable… banana republic, despicable, nasty, astonish… piece of scum… and I held back a bit… that I have never seen in my life. “

LGBTQ + Parliamentary Labor Party co-chair Angela Eagle accused Boris Johnson of appointing an Equalities Minister who sows “misery and division”.

“They have appointed equality ministers whose goal is the opposite of equality, who seem to get their kudos from number 10 by actually causing as much misery and division as possible,” she said.

Eagle continued, “The tactics are the same, divide and conquer. The goal is the same, to weaken the forces of progressive social progress.

His comments follow an audio leak on VICE World News in which Equality Minister Kemi Badenoch blames transgender people and questions same-sex marriage.

“It’s not about the rights of minorities in terms of race or nationality anymore,” the Equalities Minister can be heard saying, “it’s now, you know, it’s not even a question of sexuality now. , now it’s like the whole transgender movement, where, OK, we have same-sex marriage and civil partnerships, so what are trans people looking for? ”

The term “transsexual” is widely considered offensive and obsolete, coming from the psychological and medical communities to imply that a person has undergone gender-affirming medical procedures.

Comments made by the Tory MP were said to have been made in Badenoch’s parliamentary office in 2018 – a year before he was appointed minister by Boris Johnson.

In the audio, the Equalities Minister then complains about “men using women’s toilets” as she appears to mistreat transgender people.

Badenoch says, “Even when, you know, people hear about it, you know, like the whole bathroom story, it’s actually more of an American thing, but they have a similar problem, it’s that is, right now it’s not just about being free to marry whoever you want, you now want men to use the women’s bathroom.


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