ANA and GARM extend responsible media initiative to small businesses and consumers



Large advertisers often take the lead on hate speech and media liability issues, but small businesses make up the bulk of online advertisers.

That’s why the Association of National Advertisers (ANA) and the Global Alliance for Responsible Media (GARM) are extending their efforts to tackle hate speech to small and medium-sized businesses with an initiative launched on Monday called #EngageResponsably.

GARM, which kicked off 2020 with the support of ANA, Pernod Ricard and other major global advertisers, focused on working with major brands and social media platforms to tackle hate speech by online through educational materials and industry standards for reporting.

The #EngageResponsably initiative, developed with the Brand Safety Institute (BSI) and the ANA’s Alliance for Inclusive Multicultural Marketing (AIMM) will expand access to educational resources for small businesses and consumers to understand the discourse of hate, how it relates to violence and how to take action using the platforms’ existing reporting tools for free. Small businesses will also receive materials on brand security management.

The coalition will launch a campaign to encourage small businesses and consumers to take action when they see hate speech online. The campaign will run on social media and meet at an event for NGOs, Big Brands, Small Businesses, Platforms, Influencers and Consumers to discuss how to eliminate hate speech by line.

ANA and GARM will ask companies to sign a pledge to support and take concrete action to tackle hate speech online before the campaign is launched.

Our ambition is to involve all [small businesses]ANA CEO Bob Liodice said in an email, noting that the ANA Small and Medium Business Council consists of 100 members.Our effort will provide small and medium-sized businesses with a free solution that matches the brand safety protocols used by organizations engaged in responsible advertising under GARM. “

To reach small businesses, the ANA is aimed at organizations that represent small businesses, as well as businesses with customer relationship management platforms for small businesses.

#EngageResponsably will be developed by the GARM Education Working Group, which is made up of GARM and ANA members, as well as executive representatives of the technology platforms.

GARM is an organization that aims to bring together advertisers, agencies, media companies, platforms and other industry organizations to improve digital security.


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