Alberta bar shuts down meals indoors after being ‘overwhelmed with threats’ over vax pass



A bar in southeast Calgary has been forced to close its doors after being “overwhelmed with threats” over joining the province’s restriction exemption program.

The Langdon Firehouse Bar & Grill posted on its Facebook page on Monday that it would be closed for dining inside and on the patio after receiving threats and bullying online and in person because the latter’s announcement would require customers to show proof of COVID-19 vaccination or a recent negative COVID-19 test.

“It was addressed to the group of owners and the staff! We feel that our safety and that of our staff are in danger! Said the bar.

“We have worked with guidelines and restrictions for the past 2 years. We stayed in constant contact with the community and did everything we could not to choose a side, ”the bar said.

“We have always tried [to] doing what’s right for the community, our people and this business. We have made some very difficult decisions for the greater good of the community and our business. “

The bar has also disabled comments on its Facebook page and disabled private messaging.

“People’s beliefs have become more than just beliefs; they have become anger and hatred, ”added the bar.

Alberta introduced the Restrictions Exemption Program, the provincial version of a vaccine passport, on Monday.

As part of the program, events and businesses require proof of vaccination, documentation of a medical exemption, or a rapid negative COVID-19 test from customers in order to continue operating as usual, without any restrictions.

Alternatively, locations that choose not to participate in the program must adhere to the capacity and operating restrictions outlined on the Government of Alberta website. These restrictions include banning indoor eating in restaurants and bars, limiting capacity in various locations, banning indoor classes and group activities, etc.

Langdon, Alberta. is approximately 40 kilometers southeast of Calgary.


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