After idli on stick, a video of strawberry and chocolate samosas goes viral, internet users hate it | viral News



New Delhi: Fusion food is taking the internet by storm and not all combinations are popular like this latest version of strawberry and chocolate samosas that puts people in a really bad mood.

The industrialist Harsh Goenka, very active on social networks, posted a video of a food blogger who shows on the camera the two variations of the delicious salty but with a sweet touch. The video was captioned, “Seeing the idli lollipop circulating in social media was ok, but this one ”.


In the 18 second video we see two samosas, one chocolate and one pink colored strawberry samosa stuffed with jam. The video appears to be an excerpt from a video by a food blogger who went to the food stall to taste the strange combination of samosa.

The video starts with the chocolate samosa on screen, then the man checks the strawberry samosa breaks to reveal the jam filling inside. The viral video also shows the man try a tandoori paneer samosa.

The video shared by Goenka has over 24,000 views and hundreds of comments and retweets.

Most users weren’t happy with the combination saying, “There should be a law against such fusion food.” While another said, “I just can’t experiment at this level!” Someone will come up with a spiralless cheese jalebi or katchori soon, ”commented another user. One horrified user said: “I request that this video be removed from the internet.”


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