Advertisers launch pledge against hate speech

The Association of National Advertisers seeks to combat online hate speech, one of the issues that drives Washington to regulate online platforms and makes those platforms less attractive as an advertising vehicle.

ANA on Wednesday March 16 published (in The Wall Street Journal, The New York Timesand Hispanic ad) a #EngageResponsibly pledge in which it is stated that nearly 100 marketing agencies, media companies, social media, trade groups and non-governmental groups have signed on.

the commitment is to do their part to “significantly reduce” hate speech online by leveraging the power of “big brands” and Big Tech.

This commitment “recommends” the following:

1. “Support consumers and communities by leveraging their brands’ voice through social media and other outlets to amplify #EngageResponsibly and drive society to scale action and education.

2. “Engage customers and partners by distributing #EngageResponsibly educational materials and supporting content through small and medium-sized business networks, including franchise and distributor channels, agency partners and media companies held by various people.

3. “Involve employees and stakeholders in the initiative by using online education content to build their understanding of the real consequences of hate speech online and providing them with the tools to take action.

4. “Demonstrate a genuine commitment to the most marginalized and vulnerable groups by reporting hate speech when and where it occurs.”

ANA said that over the coming months a “robust set of assets” will be deployed in support of the campaign, including free tools to promote responsible media practices, speech to counter hate and a means to report hate speech online, including a website. ■

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