Actress Ko Eun Ah Breaks Down While Recalling MBLAQ Mir’s Efforts To Delete Hateful Comments About Her

Actress Ko Eun Ah has been through a lot as an actress and an individual.

To have a small role in …ing, Ko Eun Ah has started landing more roles in different movies and series over the past few years. Although she has been in the industry for almost two decades, it is worth noting that she only has a few titles to her credit.

Although she didn’t star, the actress apparently brought people’s attention to the fact that she was constantly being targeted by people, posting malicious comments.

Her brother, MBLAQ Mir, made sure she knew she didn’t deserve those hateful statements.

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Ko Eun Ah Cries Recalling Mir’s Thoughtful Action

On the May 15 episode of the TV show Diet33 year old man rainbow romance star broke down as she spoke about the malicious comments she received online.

She also noted that her younger brother, Mir, stayed up all night suppressing them.

Per Ko Eun Ah, she liked herself when she debuted at a young age. But after joining the television and film industry, she started getting negative comments about her looks, which caused her to suffer from stress.

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“Because of those comments, I started dieting. I went to an extreme, and I got too thin then. I was too skinny to wear clothes designed for seven to eight year olds. It was crazy,” she said, as quoted by SBS News.

Because of this, she suffered from depression and social anxiety disorder which caused her to stop working. After two years, she and Mir returned via a YouTube channel.

As she rose to fame again, she began to receive hateful comments about her appearance again.

From 42 kg, she now weighs 65 kg. The actress reportedly tried not to let the comments affect her, but she struggled to do so.

Ko Eun Ah Revealed The Comments She Received + Mir’s Love For Her

Elsewhere in the interview, Ko Eun Ah shared more details about the comments she received and what Mir did to them.

“They were like, ‘Oh, Ko Eun-ah is finally going to drop, it seems.’, ‘Why do I have to look at someone who makes me want to vomit? I hope she dies.’ And so on. But our YouTube channel was a family channel. MIR was uploading the videos and staying up all night deleting the hateful comments about me,” she tearfully said.

Ko Eun Ah acknowledged how much her brother didn’t want her to be hurt by the comments. Despite this, it broke her to see Mir do this for her.

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