a man kicked out of his home by the Thatcham women’s hate campaign


A MAN has been falsely accused of rape and pedophilia and kicked out of his home – all because of a vicious online hate campaign.

The victim was too terrified to leave the house, became suicidal, and eventually had to move to a secret address.

Thursday, June 17, his executioners, one of whom had said “let’s paint a target on the back of this pedophile rapist”, were fined and ordered compensation amounting to hundreds of pounds.

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Boscawen Way leader Kerry Bourne, 44, Thatcham narrowly avoided being sent straight to jail, instead receiving a suspended sentence.

Beside him in the dock at Reading Magistrates’ Court were Ashleigh Meager and Siobhan Meager.

Rhiannon Winter, prosecuting, said Ms Bourne had sought revenge on the man for personal reasons and had brought rape and pedophilia charges against him.

She added: “The police investigated and found that there was no further action to be taken regarding these offenses.

“As part of the investigation, a recording was produced in which she said she would lie to the police about him.”

Furious at the outcome, Ms Bourne launched a vicious smear campaign on Facebook, posting her victim’s name and photo alongside the allegations, while urging people to post “likes”.

It quickly went viral, other Facebook users responded with comments such as, “He’ll understand what happens to him if I see him,” and other threats of violence.

Ashleigh Meager, 24, of London Road, Thatcham, and Siobhan Meager, 37, of Beech Avenue, Pinehurst, Swindon, then joined the hate campaign, the court said.

Siobhan Meager posted: “Let’s paint a target on this pedophile rapist’s back … dirty, dirty bastard ****; … no one is safe, including the children” before cheering everyone on to share and disseminate the charges, the court heard.

She and Ashleigh Meager posted the image of the victim alongside comments such as “He’s still at large… lock up your kids and moms.”

Ms Winter said: “These offenses have had a significant impact on the victim.”

She said he had become depressed, suicidal and was afraid to leave his home.

Eventually, he had to move to a secret address, the court said.

The three women admitted to sending an offensive, indecent, obscene or threatening message through a public communications network by September 29 of last year.

Gianpaolo Damiani, defending all three, urged the magistrates to read the pre-sentence reports and said: “The three need intervention from the probation regarding their thinking skills.

“The comments were made out of frustration; they fully accept their responsibility.

Magistrates told Ms Bourne that she set out to cause her victim as much emotional damage as possible and showed little or no remorse.

She was sentenced to nine weeks in prison with an 18-month suspended sentence.

In addition, she was ordered to perform 80 hours of unpaid community service and up to 30 days of rehabilitation activity.

Ms Bourne was also required to pay £ 85 in costs, a statutory surcharge of £ 128 for victim services and £ 250 in compensation to her victim.

The two remaining defendants had shown remorse, magistrates said.

Both Ashleigh Meager and Siobhan Meager were on community ordinances with 15 days of rehabilitation activity and 250 hours of unpaid community service.

Each was to pay £ 85 in fees, a statutory surcharge for victim services of £ 95 and £ 125 in compensation to their victim.

Finally, all three were subject to a two-year injunction preventing them from contacting him directly or indirectly or posting anything about him on social media.

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