7 reasons Canucks fans should immediately hate the Seattle Kraken



The Vancouver Canucks have lacked a bona fide geographic rival throughout their history.

Hopefully that will change with the arrival of the Seattle Kraken.

Seattle is set to host its very first NHL game on Saturday against the Canucks, so it’s time to put the Kraken firmly on your “hate list”.

Since the Kraken are a whole new franchise, you might not hate them just yet. That’s why we’ve found seven reasons to boil your blood.

1. Their team name is ridiculous

James Snook-USA TODAY Sports

In 2018, Seattle reportedly registered trademarks on 13 potential names. Sports Illustrated ranked all of the picks and the Kraken finished last. Not only is the name Kraken ridiculous, it has no connection to the Pacific Northwest – it comes from Scandinavian folklore.

I mean, the number of inappropriate puns one can make based on the Seattle team name is endless. Didn’t the leadership of the Emerald City see this coming?

2. Their own inhabitants think the city sucks…

Seattle sucks now Sticker

(Photo GeekWire / Kurt Schlosser)

In 2018, a local business owner made headlines after making a sticker that read “Seattle Sucks Now”. He was referring to the overdevelopment of the city and the takeover by Amazon, which is headquartered in Seattle.

I mean, the fact that Amazon’s headquarters are in Seattle is enough to leave a bitter taste in your mouth about the city. There is now an entire Wikipedia page dedicated to Amazon’s barrage of controversies.

Amazon happens to be a major sponsor of the Kraken.

Thanks for activating them, Seattle.

3. The Pike Place market is overrated

Seattle Pike Market

Pike Place Market / Shutterstock

Some call it “The Soul of Seattle”. Others might say it’s overcrowded, overpriced, and overrated.

It’s hard to see why there is so much hype about this ‘tourist attraction’. Most stores have heavily tagged their items and there are many complaints online about Pike Place being “dirty”.

While many put it on their bucket list, this TripAdvisor review might paint a more specific picture of what to expect.

“It wasn’t what I thought it would be. More like a dirty exchange meeting than a fresh fish market with good deals and bargains I was hoping for. “

For info, Granville Island> Pike Place Market.

4. The gum wall is ridiculous

Gum Wall (Carmen Ang / Daily Hive)

After your trip to a dirty, overrated, and overpriced market, you can make your way to a sticky, disgusting wall filled with foreign germs.

One of Seattle’s biggest attractions is their downtown “gum wall”, where strangers stick their used, chewed gum on a wall before taking a selfie.

Can you think of anything less desirable to do when traveling to another city?

5. They’ve had enough sporting success

seahawks calendar

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Well, “success” is a relative term.

The Seahawks are one of the best teams in the NFL since Russell Wilson joined the team in 2012, culminating with a Super Bowl in 2013. In MLS, the Seattle Sounders have also won two championships in the past five years. .

That’s a different story for the Seattle Mariners, who have the longest Major League Baseball playoff drought at 20.

Either way, there are enough recent sporting successes in the city of Seattle. They also don’t have the bragging rights of the Pacific Northwest for hockey.

6. Jared McCann

jared mccann

Vancouver Canucks / Twitter

There are several reasons to cheer on the former Canucks draft pick.

Jared McCann was arguably the centerpiece of the worst decision in Jim Benning’s eight-year tenure. It’s now more than five years since Benning dealt McCann and a high second-round pick to tough defenseman Erik Gudbranson. Suffice it to say that time has not improved trading.

One of the reasons the Canucks could have traded McCann stems from reports that he may not be the best teammate.

He’s surely matured since then, but the Canucks need to keep an eye on McCann when these teams hit the ice. He currently leads all Kraken players with three goals and five points in five games.

7. They better not win a cup before Vancouver

giordano seattle kraken

Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

This could be the number one reason for absolutely despite the new Seattle franchise out of the gate.

While the Kraken weren’t on the right foot, the team they assembled were full of analytics darlings. Some of hockey’s biggest selling points based on statistics have all claimed Seattle has a better chance of qualifying for the playoffs than Vancouver.

The Canucks are in their 51st NHL season and have yet to win the Stanley Cup. To think that the Kraken might have a better chance of qualifying for the Finals in its first year of existence is both depressing and infuriating for avid fans of this market.

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