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Delhi Police have identified an 18-year-old man from Lucknow for allegedly creating the audio chat room on Clubhouse where participants were heard last week making offensive and derogatory comments against Muslim women, sparking public outcry, officers aware of the matter Saturday mentioned.

The suspect has been identified as Rahul Kapoor, who joined the group using the ID “Bismillah” (in God’s name). Police said Kapoor, who joined the investigation in Delhi on Saturday afternoon, revealed the identities of the other five participants after which they also joined the investigation. The statements were recorded. The police also seized their cell phones and other documents related to the case.

“We sent a team to Lucknow after identifying Kapoor as one of the participants. He is a first year student. He created an ID by the name of Bismillah. He then created the chat room on the instructions of a person called Sallos. He handed over the moderator keys to Sallos,” said KPS Malhotra, head of the Intelligence Fusion Strategic Operation (IFSO) unit, which is the Delhi Police’s cyber cell.

Police said Kapoor’s father worked as an accountant at Lucknow Army Public School.

On January 18, Delhi Police filed an FIR (First Information Report) against unidentified persons in the case related to an offensive chat on Clubhouse, an audio-based social media network. Part of the conversation, which was shared on social media platforms, showed participants making offensive and derogatory comments about Muslim women.

Although HT could not independently verify the authenticity of the two-minute-twenty-second clip, the screen showed that there were 70-80 participants in the chat room at the time, including users calling themselves Sallos, Bismillah, Kira, Aanchal, Roma, Harsh, Jerry, Kavya, Mank and K.

DCP Malhotra said the other five participants had also joined the survey. “Sallos is a class 12 student. He is 17 years old. He originally created an account in Clubhouse as Alcoholic Singh and later changed it to Sallos. Anchal Anand, a resident of Kerala is another participant. She had participated in a chat with another Roma user. But in the said talk Anchal had made general remarks. His phone and notepad were seized. Roma Makkar is a resident of Nizamuddin. She is a yoga coach. She admitted the voice in the video was hers but said she was there before the offensive comments were made.

Police identified participant Kira (mentioned above) as Naumaan Jabber, a resident of Jodhpur. Police said Naumaan shared his account details with Akash Suyal (arrested by Mumbai police). “There is also a freshman in B Com, Harsh Pal from Dehradun. We also seized his phone and laptop. He claimed he was there in the chat room for 10 minutes but did not participate in the discussion. Rahul has already told us that the person behind the username Sallos is a 17-year-old, whom he virtually knows. Sallos spoke rudely in the chat and then left the group that day. His phone was also seized.

On Friday, Mumbai police cyber cell arrested three people from Haryana for the same matter. Police said the three men also participated in the contentious conversation. Mumbai Police registered an FIR in the case on January 19. Mumbai Police and Delhi Police are carrying out separate investigations.

Of the three arrested by Mumbai police, Jaishnav Kakkar, 21, a B.Com student, and Yash Parashar, 22, a law student, are from Faridabad, and Akash Suyal, 19, is a high school student. 12 of Karnal.

Explaining why Delhi Police have yet to arrest any of the six suspects, DCP Malhotra said: “Controversy erupted over a video of the Clubhouse chat. Before we continue, we want to verify the authenticity of the video recording. We want to build a waterproof case. We must rule on any voice modulation in the video so that the case is not affected during the trial. The only evidence in the case so far is the first source who recorded a video of the audio conversation. This is the only proof of the vulgar remarks. The clubhouse also does not record the audio conversation.

This is the third such case in the last eight months where offensive photographs or messages have been posted targeting Muslim women on social media. The first was the “Sulli Deals” app (named after an offensive and derogatory term to describe Muslim women), on GitHub in July. The second was the Bulli Bai app which also surfaced earlier on GitHub earlier this month. Both apps featured doctored photographs of Muslim women and attempted to “auction” the women.

Police in Delhi and Mumbai have so far arrested five people for creating the two apps. Police have alleged that two alleged app developers, Neeraj Bishnoi, a B.Tech student, and Aumkareshwar Thakur, a freelance web developer, have “self-radicalised”.

In the latest case, the audio clips where participants made offensive comments towards Muslim women were shared on Monday (January 17). The clips were widely released, causing public outcry. While the Delhi police filed its suo motu (on its own initiative) case, the case in Mumbai was filed on the complaint of a woman who.

Clubhouse, developed in the United States, is an audio-only social media platform where participants can communicate with each other by creating specific groups. The company told HT that it immediately suspended the accounts after learning about the chat room.

Clubhouse officials, in their media interactions, said there are at least 2 million active users of the audio chat app in India.

“Clubhouse is a place where people around the world can hang out with friends, meet other people, chat and learn. There is absolutely no room for hate or abuse on the platform. We invest considerably to keep our community safe and take prompt action if our policies are violated. Hundreds of thousands of rooms are created daily, the vast majority without incident. If and when a violation of our Community Guidelines is reported and confirmed , prompt action is taken, i.e. suspended or permanently removed from the platform, depending on the seriousness of the incident. In this case, the room has been reported and the people involved in the organization have were quickly put to the test. As always, we can’t predict what humans will say, but we can react quickly once they violate our guidelines,” a spokesperson said. from the Clubhouse, who declined to be identified.

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