10 Things I Hate About You vs Clueless: Which Adaptation Is Better?

Of the stories that have been told in the past, some of the best writers for stage and page are still referenced today in ways few would have imagined, and two names that come to mind are William Shakespeare and Jane Austen. Although some of their most famous stories, like Romeo and Juliet Where Pride and Prejudicegained full-fledged fame, other projects created by them were adapted for a modern audience.

Even if it doesn’t look like it, the best teen romance movies of the 90s and early 2000s were inspired by the worlds of these two prolific writers. In this case, clueless was an adaptation of Austen’s novel, Emmawhile 10 things i hate about you Shakespeare reinvented The Taming of the Shrew. While both movies were steeped in references to the decades they were set in, they also offered respectful nods and inspirations to the source material, so what was the better adaptation.

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Clueless updated Emma organically

In clueless, the film follows young and affluent Cher Horowitz, who isn’t necessarily a bully but doesn’t consider herself equal to everyone else. This attitude eventually puts her in the direction of a new student named Tai, and together with her best friend, Dionne, Cher devises a plan to give Tai a makeover as Cher tries to play matchmaker. However, what happened was that Cher learned more about the value she placed on herself and the people she grew up with.

Many of the same story beats Emma have been used in cluelesswhich helped give the film a timeless feel, but what differentiates the film from the book is how it picks up on the common themes of Emma and updated them for a modern audience. While the events have remained similar, the motivations behind them have been changed to better fit the story. For example, Emma was interested in Frank Churchill, but in the end it couldn’t work out because he was engaged to someone else. However, the film portrayed Christian – Churchill’s replacement – ​​as a gay man, which helped Cher come to the same conclusion as Emma and reflected the film’s more progressive era.

10 Things I Hate About You Altered Doubtful Aspects Of Shakespeare

10 things i hate about you is a story told through the eyes of several characters, all in search of love or understanding. Setting up the story, a young man finds a girl he would like to go out with at school. However, her overprotective father forbids them from dating anyone before her older sister, Kat, dates anyone, even though her sister had no interest in dating her. To combat this, the young man enlisted the help of Heath Ledger’s character, Patrick Verona, to “tame the shrew”. However, this story, like Shakespeare’s original play, ultimately led to a true love story.

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While the plots used to make Patrick fall in love with Kat were present in both the source material and the film, The Taming of the Shrew employed tactics that could be considered misogynistic. For example, courtship between the main characters did not begin until they were married. While the film and story setup were the same, much of the “romance” that unfolded in the story was inspired by Patrick, Petrucio, gaslighting and the neglect of Kat. While the film had the two form a connection before their first kiss. It may not have affected the outcome of the film, which was the same as the story, but it did change the overall view of the narrative significantly.

Clueless is Shakespeare’s most accurate adaptation

Whereas 10 things i hate about you greatly improved upon the story Shakespeare had created, his overall execution pointed out the flaws in society that made the story comedic at the time. As a result, it’s hard to say it’s an accurate adaptation, as events had to be fundamentally altered to justify the story and title to modern audiences. That said, clueless featured many of the same story elements as Emma and even taught the same lessons almost verbatim.

A good example is how Tai fell in love with Travis, even though everyone told her he was good for nothing. It sounded like how Travis’ counterpart Robert was ultimately a good person and suited Harriet just fine. clueless showed how impactful Jane Austen’s work has remained, and now that the film has achieved cult classic status, it’s also inadvertently given the source material more credence. It’s a clever adaptation that served to enhance an already masterful story and wasn’t afraid to push the boundaries of what it could adapt.

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